Well, if you have the slightest idea about architecture, you would also know the purpose of a floor plan. If not the purpose, then at least you would be aware that a floor plan is made when a project is designed. It is an important document, or say, an important image regarding the project, and stays very essential until the whole project is completed. It gives an image and a complete idea of what the whole plan is. Now let us talk about the echelon condo floor plan, and see its benefits.

The echelon condo, which is situated at the Alexandra district, is the new project which is introduced by the award winning CDL in Singapore, for introducing a standardized, luxurious way of living. The project is a huge one, spreading over a large area, and allowing a large number of families to seek prestigious living in its facilitated condominiums. The place is designed to provide the residents with all the facilities and amenities of life. However, to get a clearer view of the project, one needs to look at the floor plan.

Looking at the echelon condo floor plan, you would find that there are 43 story towers and 508 units. The design includes a number of apartments, with some apartments different from the others in terms of size, facilities, and luxuries. There are those, which facilitate just one bedroom or two bedrooms. There are larger suites that facilitate 4 bedrooms and further bigger penthouses with 5 bedrooms.

The echelon condo floor plan would further tell about the exact picture and the location of the apartments and the suites. Looking at the first floor plan, you would see that it contains the facilities such as the tennis court, the pool as well as the park and relaxing verandah.

Thus, the echelon condo floor plan was designed in the first instance to help the constructors with the correct construction. A proper floor plan acts as a guide through which the workers know what to build and where. As for the normal people, a floor plan helps one to find out the exact picture. Once the exact picture is known, it helps a person decide whether he wants such a residential area or not. When there are a variety of apartments, then also one can look at the echelon condo floor plan and decide which one he needs. Thus, the floor plan gives a complete idea of the project and allows one to purchase the apartment beforehand.

Concisely, the echelon condo floor plan gives complete picture of the project before it is even built. Even after it is built, one can have a detailed picture of it, and get it clear in mind even if he is away from the place. It informs a person the exact location of the apartment. The location of walls and windows and the bedrooms, all can be easily understood from the floor plan, which makes it totally possible for a person to be sure whether he wants the apartment or not.

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