The new prestigious project, created by the CDL, namely Echelon condo which is planned to be constructed on the Alexandra road in Singapore has led to a lot of excitement. The award winning company working with the award-winning architects is definitely expected to come up with something stunning

A land, spreading about 100, 000 square feet is booked and the construction of the echelon condo has been started. The echelon at Alexandra consists of 500 units that have been planned perfectly from before. The buildings are supposed to be 45 stories high and thus, there is a configuration of bedrooms available.

There are the 1-bedroom apartments, as well as the spacious ones with four bedrooms. The residents at Echelon at Alexandra will have this great opportunity to enjoy the skyline view of the magnificent city. Whether residents or guests at the echelon, they will love the breathtaking view of the city from the condo at night. The echelon at Alexandra is supposed to be the next landmark of the Alexandra district.

Echelon, situated in the heart of Alexandra

What can be a more beautiful place to look from than the echelon at Alexandra from where you can take a whole view of the Singapore city? The echelon condominium is situated at such a strategic location that many important places are easily accessible. The red hill MRT station is at a few minutes distance from the towers.

The perfect location has been chosen for the construction of these towers that are supposed to be the landmark of Alexandra. Such a strategic location allows all the other areas to be accessed easily. The residents can enjoy the best shopping at the orchard road district. This is situated at a 5 min driving distance from the echelon at Alexandra. At orchard road district, the residents can find a number of mega malls with various retail shops that house a number of brands as well.

Business people can easily access the Central Business district through the MRT expressway, when the expressway is at a 5 min distance from the condo. Through the MRT station, one can get to the CBD after four stations. This district is the place where Asia’s financial and business dealings are done.

The Sentosa bay and the Marina Sands Bay are the resorts situated at a safe distance from the Echelon. These are the perfect places to host guests from abroad.

The Amenities of Echelon at Alexandra

One can enjoy a full Condominium facility at the echelon, where a large number of luxuries and amenities are present. These include parks to spend time with families and friends, pool, tennis court for the sport lovers, as well as the BBQ pit for a feast. The architecture company and the award winning Construction Company of Singapore, is not going to make any compromise in providing the best facilities and services to the residents. You can surely expect the best from this project.

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