A 43-story development project that is soon to be launched at Alexandra is the echelon condo. If you keep updated about the latest world news, you would have probably heard about the echelon project from the time it was introduced. It is among the most prestigious development project in Singapore, which is being done under the supervision of CDL.

The Strategic location

What makes the echelon condo project prestigious? Why is everyone excited about it? Why are many people eager to book apartments in the towers? Well, along with many other reasons, one is its strategic location. Echelon condo is located in the middle of the city. It is located in the Alexandra district, at such a location that it can be accessed easily by people outside, and the residents in the condo can access the outer world. The condo is available at a short distance from the MRT station. One can easily walk from his residence in the echelon condo to the Red hill MRT station and go to work or other places outside by train. They can move to different parts of Singapore with great ease, through the MRT. Proper infrastructure provides greater ease. The Alexander road and Ayer Raja Expressway are also nearby so one can access the other parts of Singapore city.

A Project by CDL

If you are interested in architecture and know much about it, then you must have heard of the CDL, which is an award winning company, and considered as the biggest property owner of Singapore. They have bought a large land area consisting of 100, 000 square foot, where this whole project is aimed. The city development limited or CDL have developed the 500-residential units. There are a variety of rooms available in it. There are apartments with two, three or four bedroom suites, as well as penthouses of five bedrooms.

Other luxuries

As far as the shopping spree and dining out is related, then also the echelon condo is very near to these amenities. One can drive for 5 minutes and reach the orchard-shopping district, which consists of a number of shopping malls that contain local and branded shops. There are other entertainment options as well as dining areas. The Alexandra village, the Queensway shopping centre, and the anchor point shopping centre are important places for entertainment.

As for recreation, there are recreational parks. Among them is the Mount Faber and the Delta Sports Hall, as well as the swimming complex. Each of these is located at a few minutes distance only. Those families who consider the option of schools, for them the schools are also near to the echelon condo. The schools are reputable, located just near the towers.

Thus, the residential area offers a number of facilities in terms of recreation, shopping and dining out. Schools and family parks are situated nearby. Normal life routine can be followed without having any difficulty. Thus, the echelon condo is truly a landmark and the best residential project being created in Singapore.

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