Just like any other construction project, we have the floor plan for the echelon condominium that is located at the Alexandra District in Singapore. The condo is known to be spacious, housing a large number of facilities. These facilities include tennis court, pool, relaxing veranda, guardhouse, as well as a park. The location of the condominium is strategic and all other areas of Singapore are easily accessible. The clubhouse, cocktail lounge, the meditation deck, Gymnasium area, and Fitness club are all other facilities provided to the residents of the Echelon condo. Looking at the echelon floor plan is going to give you a clearer picture of the project that is known to be a landmark in the architecture industry of Singapore.

The project consists of various units. Among them, we have the units that house single bedrooms, double bedroom and three bedrooms as well. Let us look at the echelon floor plan of double and triple bedrooms

Double Bedroom floor plan

The double bedroom unit consists of the same facilities as the single one except that there is an extra bedroom and an extra bath. The echelon floor plan consists of a living room, a kitchen with the dining area included in the kitchen area, a master bedroom, and a master bath. It also includes a balcony, the second bedroom, and the second bath. The two bedrooms are adjacent to each other, with just a little space in between. The two baths are also adjacent to each other and in the rooms. These are all on the left side, whereas the right side consists of the living room, the kitchen and the dining area is connected with the kitchen.

Three Bedroom Unit Plan

The three-bedroom plan consists of three bedrooms, among which we have the master bedroom, and two more bedrooms. There are two baths in it. One is the master bath and the other is the standard one. The bedrooms are all located on the right corner, according to the plan, and the master bath is just opposite to the master bed. The living room, kitchen, and dining area are all spacious and located on the left side of the plan.

When discussing the echelon floor plan for three bedroom units, then we have two plans. One is the normal one and the other is the premium one. The premium floor plan for three bedrooms has more facilities. It consists of more space, and is located just besides the lift. Getting out of the apartment, the resident would find the lift lobby and the lift being right in front, and one on the right. The master bedroom and bathroom are connected onside a large area. The living room is also bigger, with a few other facilities. Thus, the different floor plans would allow you to decide which one is best suited for your family. Overall, the echelon floor plan, which ever you look at, would give you an idea that the units are all spacious and comfortable to love in.

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