The echelon floor plan gives a very clear idea of the whole project, so that any person can look at the floor plan and see what the rooms and units would be like. The floor plan is especially a benefit for those who plan to buy the apartment. There are 500 housing units or even more than that in the twin towers that consist of 43 to 45 stories. The first floor consists of facilities that are provided to the residents.

Facilities Available

When you check out the echelon floor plan of the first floor, you would realize that the first floor consists of the guardroom, the pool on the right, as well as the tennis court on the left. Other facilities include the veranda, the fitness room, and the meditation deck. All these are facilities present on the first floor. Looking at the other floors, you would find various units housing various numbers of bedrooms. The common things included in all are the living room, the kitchen, dining room and the balcony. With more bedrooms, more facilities are included. Let us look at the echelon floor plan of the four bedroom unit.

The Four bedrooms unit plan

Looking at the echelon floor plan for four bedrooms, you would notice that there are a large number of facilities available. This four bedroom unit is like a suite. The master bedroom is linked with the master bathroom with a walk in wardrobe. The room and bathroom are more spacious. These are on the right corner. Moving to the left from the master room, we have the second bedroom and the second bath. Opposite to it, we have the fourth bedroom. Moving further left lets us towards the third bedroom. Thus, all the bedrooms are near to each other. The kitchen and the dining area are separate in this. Each of these is spacious enough. Then we also have a yard in it, with a separate WC in the yard. To the extreme left is the balcony, from where one can have a look of the Alexandra view road. The living room is also towards the extreme left.

The extra facilities provided in the four-bedroom unit are the yard, with an extra W/C, the private lift lobby and the RC Ledge. The walk in wardrobe just opposite to the master bath is an additional facility in it. The private lift lobby is an extra benefit for those who go for the four-bedroom apartment or the three-bedroom premium apartment. Those who have more than two children can find this unit to be the perfect one for them. The condominium has all the facilities and needs that one depends on.

A house is something that should be comfortable and luxurious. The echelon floor plan is designed in such a way to provide easy and luxurious living in a modernized manner. It is correct to say that the Echelon condo is going to be a landmark in Singapore, especially when it is a project of the award winning company of Singapore.

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