The echelon condo is a part of the stylish living project for the residents of Singapore. The project, which is expected to be completed in a few years, is expected to raise the standard of living for the people of Singapore. The project is planned to make the residents comfortable and feel ‘at home.’

Houses are places where you live permanently and thus you need to consider a number of things when choosing the perfect house. Every person’s criteria for choosing a house is different. Some people look for luxury factors, while others look for comfort. Some consider other factors like schools, playgrounds, and car parking. Those who have children consider other factors, while those who are couples would look for luxury and comfort. The CDL project has kept all these things in mind and then designed the echelon condo.

The echelon towers are located amidst the lush green areas adjacent to the Tangling Residency. The strategic location where they stand allow the residents to access the other areas easily. Singapore CBD is located only at an arm’s distance from the Echelon condominium. There are many other key locations, such as the Sentosa, Singapore River, and Marina Bay Sands.

Accommodation Options at Echelon

The echelon condo offers a number of accommodation options. There are those apartments with one bedroom, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms. Those who need five bedrooms would need to go for penthouses. With a large number of units, about 500 units are totally for accommodation. A large number of facilities are provided by echelon condo to provide luxurious lifestyle. A dynamic environment and eco system is provided for the residents.

Other facilities include car-parking areas, which house 500 cars, as well as pool, tennis court, and shower rooms. There is also a club house, a wedding hall, a cocktail lounge and gourmet kitchen.

Those interested in sports can find playground as well as the tennis court. Other recreational activities can also be enjoyed at the Tree Avenue Path. There is also a relaxation veranda where one can sit, relax, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

In short, the echelon condo offers a lot of convenience for residents. Comfort, luxury and style, all gather at one place. After all, it is designed by the award winning company, the CDL. The CDL is a corporation, which is associated with 300 companies. The CDL has ownership of a large area of land. It has won several awards and among its latest, luxurious projects, we have the echelon condo at Alexandra. They are known to be the biggest property owners in Singapore. Briefly, we find the echelon condo as one of the latest, stylish and luxurious residential place which can house a large number of people in the modernized and standardized manner. With a large number of facilities, people can enjoy life, living at the echelon condo, with beautiful views from the veranda.

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