Echelon condominium has created a lot of uproar in the city, from the time the project was introduced. This project is considered to be among the best residential projects in Singapore. It houses 508 units and 45 story twin towers. The residential area includes a number of facilities and is situated at such a strategic location that the outside of the Singapore city can easily be accessed by it. If you have a family, you can find other positive things, such as availability of schools, family parks, as well as, pools and tennis courts.

In case you are interested in buying an apartment in the echelon condo or investing in the project, then you must take a look at the echelon condo floor plan.

Here, let us have a look at the echelon condo floor plan of the one bedroom apartment. There are different floor plans to suit different needs, and once you check them out, you can easily decide which one is suitable for you.

Various Units

The echelon consists of units with two or three or four bedrooms. As far as the facing is concerned, there are those units that face the Alexandra Road, and there are those that face the Alexandra view. Those who buy the apartment on floors above 25th floor would get an open view of the surrounding areas, without any blockage or hindrance from trees or other buildings.

Single Bedroom Unit

The best thing about those units is that they are all spacious. The single bedroom unit would house a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a master bath as well as a master bedroom and a balcony. The lounge is going to be spacious. Looking at the detailed view of the echelon condo floor plan, you would realize that the master bath is situated right in front of the master bedroom. The kitchen is located on the left of the master bathroom. Opposite of the kitchen is the living room and to further left of the living room and the kitchen, we have the dining room. The place is big enough for a couple to live and occasionally, they can entertain guests as well.

Those who are single, or couples looking for a good apartment in Singapore, would definitely find this apartment to be the best one. The echelon condo floor plan gives a complete picture and tells us about the exact location of the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, balcony, dining room, etc. That allows a person to imagine the right picture of the apartment. It would also let one know the position of the window, and the view they would be able to see from there. The echelon condo floor plan is available for each of the various units. There are plans for one-bedroom units, the two bedroom units, the three bedroom units as well as the four and five bedroom units. Each of these is spacious to provide good accommodation.


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