The Echelon at Alexandra is a residential area that boasts of a number of facilities that allow luxurious and standardized living. The area is spread over a large land of more than 100,000 square feet. The echelon condominium consists of two towers that are designed by the City Developments Limited which has won awards for designing buildings. Have a look out at the architectural design of the trendy and iconic building; you will agree that it truly seems to be the result of the award winning architects of SCDA. These 43 stories high buildings have their floor plans. Let us discuss a few things about the echelon Alexandra floor plan.
Looking at the echelon Alexandra floor plan of the first floor, you will realize that all the luxuries and facilities have been provided on the first floor. The pool and the tennis court are located on the left part of the plan. On the other hand, the children playground, arrival court as well as the relaxing veranda are situated on the right side of the echelon Alexandra floor plan. Looking at the floor plan, you will also realize that the building is all surrounded by greenery. The project is designed to be beautiful. Not only attention is paid to the architectural design, but a lot of importance is given to the surrounding beauty as well.

The floor plan consists of the whole plan that mentions that the 45 stories buildings are going to have apartments with 2 or 3 bedrooms. There are also going to be suites with 4 bedrooms, where as those who need 5 bedroom would get penthouses. The one and two bedroom apartments are also of different types and designs. In the echelon Alexandra floor plan, we realize that the three bedroom apartments are of different types. There are the standard ones, the compact ones, and those with or without loft. Thus, they vary in the design and the facilities available.
Echelon Alexandra floor plan is very beneficial. By looking at the floor plan, one gets a lot of help in purchasing. Now, if you plan to invest in the building, or buy an apartment, you would definitely get a clear idea after having a look at the floor plan. The floor plan would let you know the whole scheme and make it easier for you to decide. Not to mention, it would give you a greater idea of the upcoming project, so that if you find it feasible, you should invest in it beforehand.

The importance of echelon Alexandra floor plan is undeniable. With this, you get to know the design of the house. It would help you imagine the real picture, when you would learn about the plan of each unit. Since there are 45 stories, there are definitely going to be plans for the floors. The first floor plan differs from that of the other floors, because it consists of other facilities like pool, guard, park, etc. Thus, it would give you a brighter picture of what this whole project is about.

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